The tradition of Brigham's began in 1914 when Edward L. Brigham – known for his generous portions and closely guarded secret recipe – became a neighborhood hero for serving ice cream made in the back room of his store.

New Englanders still scream for Brigham's. For more than nine decades, the Brigham's name has been synonymous with rich, creamy ice cream. Made with only the finest cream and milk, and premium flavorings and ingredients, it's easy to see why Brigham's is Boston's Favorite Since 1914™.

Year after year, competing national brands have been "scooped" by Brigham's traditional premium favorites, popular new flavors, and the addition of élan Frozen Yogurt. Through the Depression, World Wars, recessions, and the product-marketing bonanza of the last few decades, Brigham's has earned a place in the lives and traditions of New Englanders - the country's leading consumers of ice cream.